David feared the worst when called to the Bowel Screening Unit for a colonoscopy after experiencing problems for a while. But after a word of knowledge at Church he was prayed for and the symptoms completely disappeared immediately....
From  my earliest days as a Christian I have believed that God heals people. I have known small answers to prayer in my own life as regards healing, alongside disappointments at not seeing those close to me being healed.
So it was with mixed feelings that I received the news from the Bowel Cancer Screening Unit that the sample I had sent had shown an abnormality and I was being called for a colonoscopy. I was not completely surprised as my bowels had been playing up for some time and those close to me telling me there must be something wrong and I ought to get it seen to.
When you receive a letter like that, coupled with clear evidence that things were not quite right, your immediate human reaction is to fear the worst. Your mind goes into overdrive as you imagine all kinds of future outcomes - to the extreme of dying of cancer. You then have to remind yourself that God is in control, that nothing He and you together can't handle and that He does heal people.
With that in mind, when there was a word of knowledge the following Sunday for someone with bowel problems, I knew that was for me. I went forward for prayer and immediately the symptoms disappeared; my bowels settled down and we even went camping - not a good idea when you need to find a toilet quickly!
I knew then that God had healed me of whatever the problem was and I could face the colonoscopy with confidence - well almost, as niggling doubts and fears tried to undermine that confidence.
Anyway the day of the colonoscopy arrived and I felt such peace about the whole thing - even before the sedative they give you to relax your muscles. I had none of the after effects and although they found a polyp, it was benign and dealt with there and then. There were no other problems that could have caused the abnormal reading. My bowels took a little while to settle down but are now normal. I believe God healed me before the colonoscopy - I could have declined the procedure but felt it was important to go through with it, if only to prove conclusively that all was well. Praise God.