Newness of life 

Irene had been attending church for years, but she gradually discovered how faith in Jesus could change her life too......
In my life, I hadn't really thought about being a christian. I have been brought up going to church and have done just that. Of course, I knew right from wrong, I knew the ten commandments, I knew Jesus is the son of God and that the Holy Spirit is part of the trinity. What I didnt know is that Jesus and the Holy Spirit can be part of our lives, a really important part of our lives.
So I continued going to church, I did occasionally get involved with church activities. I helped Margaret with  church group at Lyng School for a while and I always read my children Bible stories. So I have always taken for granted that I was a christian.
I have been going with Margaret to Bawdeswell cell group for some years, where I made some good friends, learnt more of the bible and learnt about worship.
It didn't occur to me for a long time to attend Wellspring church, I was going to church anyway. Then I came to a service occasionally and it dawned on me that it was different. I made some new friends, you are all so friendly and welcoming, I enjoyed the worship and realised that Jesus could be a friend. That he should be part of my life.That I could be healed of my sins and he could and did heal sickness.
Then one day I was prayed for that I would be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have never known anything like it in my life. I didnt stop smiling for six months. I was a much nicer person, so much happier. Although that feeling hasn't been continuous, I know that it should be and that I need to pray more about it and that it will be.
I am thankful that I have been led here and thankful to meet such lovely people. Through talking to people here and through prayer I have at last realized that it is the right time to be baptized and that it is the right thing to do. Just as Jesus was baptized.
I thank the Lord for his amazing grace, I thank Him that by baptism I will die to sin and walk with him in the newness of life. And I now know that with his help I can do anything he asks of me.