Teaching series 2012

OT God's Big Story - the Old Testament

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We are tracing the big story of God character by character throughout the Old Testament. It all starts in the beginning with Adam, en route we will be visiting Babel, returning to Babylon later on. We'll go to Canaan, then down to Egypt then back again via Sinai crossing seas and rivers en route. We'll meet judges, king's prophets. Tents and temples. Palaces and paupers. Exiles and travellers. Settlers and builders. The big story starts with creation, but ends with longing for new creation. It all falls down, but God has a plan for salvation and deliverance which He will reveal over and over in the dealings with people from long ago, but in so many ways like us. People who fail, who need God and who find Him though they didn't deserve too. We will see creation, law and grace, salvation and deliverance. Prophetic promises. Throughout the story we will see evidence of the Trinity working in perfect unity. We will learn about God and humanity. Lessons we all need to learn, taught through the lives of memorable characters. Come with us in 2012 for the wonderful living-history lesson that is OT God's Big Story.