cell group 2015

Cell groups

Cell groups meet together to worship, build friendships, support one another, have fun, study and apply the teaching from Sunday meetings and to reach out to our friends and community. We have groups that run in the daytime, evenings, in person and on Zoom. Currently these run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Our cell groups follow a structure that we call the 4Ws: Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness.

  • Welcome / ice breaker - aims to encourage participation, focus the group & deepen relationships.

  • Worship - The aims of our worship time in cell group are many. Above all else we want to bless God,  but we experience intimacy with God through worshipping together in a small group. We expect the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be manifest, and for any/all to bring a contribution.

  • Word - The aim of the Word is to apply the passage that was preached on the previous Sunday, to our lives.

  • Witness - aims to focus and equip us to reach out to our friends and community as a group and as individuals and in order to see our cell groups multiply.