Wellspring Family Church Teaching

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 Recent Media Uploads 
Galations 5 (download)
Jon Beardon, 06/10/2019
Sermon On The Mount (download)
Pete Collinson, 29/09/2019
Sharing Your Testimony (download)
Marie Reavey, 22/09/2019
Heb:11 Jacob blessing Joseph’s Sons.m4a (download)
Pete Collinson, 15/09/2019
Bob's Baptism Testimony (download)
, 11/08/2019
Hebrews 11: Inheritance by faith (download)
Pete Collinson, 29/08/2019
Hall of fame, Hebrews 11: Jacob (download)
Phil Eggleton, 25/08/2019
Gal 4:21 (download)
Jon Beardon, 11/08/2019
Gal 4: God's Amazing Grace (download)
Jon Beardon, 04/08/2019
Gal 4:8-20 (download)
Jon Beardon, 29/07/2019
Testimony of Vicky Tyce (download)
, 14/07/2019
Healing of Cancer - Testimony (download)
Vicky Tyce, 14/07/2019
Joseph's Bones Preach (download)
Vlada Stojanovic, 07/07/2019
Hebrews 11: Hall of Faith - Jephthah (download)
Pete Collinson, 23/06/2019
Gal 3:1-14 Christian beginnings and going forward (download)
Jon Beardon, 16/06/2019
Religion and Grace (download)
Phil Wilthew, 02/06/2019
Gal 3 - Saved by Grace and Not by Law (download)
Jon Beardon,
By Faith - Heb 11 - Samuel (download)
Phil Eggleton, 29/05/2019
Everyone a Witness (download)
Jon B, Phil E, Marie Reavey, 29/05/2019
Blessing and Curse (download)
Jon Beardon, 05/05/2019
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